Home Sweet Home

And it's back to reality... Vacation was amazing!! The weather was pretty perfect the entire week. We did lots and lots of relaxing and laying out on the beach. We managed to go see everything we wanted to. We took approximately 500 pictures! I loved using my new camera and I'm starting to get used to the settings.

It's bittersweet being back home. While I miss Myrtle Beach and the lazy atmosphere, I'm excited to be back in Baltimore and enjoy the beginning of Fall. Luckily, I came home to beautiful weather. It makes me want to throw on a sweater and a pair of flats! [Sidenote: I'm planning on doing some serious purging of my fall/winter wardrobe and buying of lots of new cute clothes!]

I have a lot of projects upcoming... especially for this week. It seems my To-Do List is continuing to grow. But lucky for you that just means more fun projects to post about!!

This Week...

  • attempt to make my first Diaper Cake... by Sat
  • make Linda [my mom] a Thank You gift for watching Remy while we were away... by Thurs
  • make Mrs. Marsha [a friend in my bowling league] a birthday present... by Thurs
  • finish my Myrtle Beach book [need tons of pics printed out]... by ASAP
  • find an outfit for Missy's [good friend from high school] wedding [which may not seem like a project but it'll take about as much time!]... by Sat

Enjoy, Amanda

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  1. glad to hear you made it home safely!
    Your blog was beautiful tonight!!!