Maryland State Fair and a holiday weekend

This was an incredibly lazy holiday weekend, which is exactly what I needed to start this week off with. There is tons to do this week in order to get everything in order for vacation Saturday. Even though it was a lazy weekend I didn't do one bit of crafting... I thought about it and every time I opted for an unwatched show on the DVR or reading "Eclipse" (which I'm almost done). But don't worry I'm planning on having a tutorial up one day this week for a passport wallet... I just hope my directions make sense!

We did make it to the Maryland State Fair this weekend. Neither of us had been in the past few years so we figured we'd make a day of it. To be honest I just like the farm animals and the food!! I'm not a huge fan of fair rides or games. We definitely filled our bellies with fattening fair food. Nothing better than cheese fries with old bay and a peach dumpling sundae!!

We saw tons of tons of farm animals. I even got to pet a baby pig!! Oh and I can't forget about the pig racing!! HILARIOUS seeing 4 little piglets running around a race track for an Oreo. Only at a state fair!

I also really enjoy looking at all the winning produce and flowers and arts and crafts. The colors of all the different foods are really a good inspiration. I'm really liking the bright color of the peppers and the earth tones of the corn.

I'm really interested in what it takes to enter your crafts/pictures into the fair... I'm going to have to do some research.

And because I'm super excited 4 days until we leave for vacation... tonight I must conquer laundry and begin on my mini album for our trip!!

Enjoy, Amanda

Oh I almost forgot the most exciting about the weekend... I purchased a new camera!!!! My only worry is that it won't be here in time for vacation... but it's okay if it's not I'm still just as excited to have a new toy. Hopefully my photos with improve!!!

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