Myrtle Beach... Here we come!!!

I couldn't be more excited that Jeremy and I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Myrtle Beach!! This vacation is much needed!

Seeing as how my scrapbook for last year's trip to Myrtle Beach is still not finished I opted to do things a little different this year. Inspired by Elise Blaha's workshop I'm taking I decide to make a mini-album to take with me. I was kind of rushed in putting it together but I think by the end after adding pictures and memorabilia from the trip it'll be exactly what I hoped for.

The focus of the workshop I'm taking is more on art journals than it is mini albums but I'm a scrapbooker at heart and just can't seem to break the habit of incorporating layouts with the pages. Although I have learned a lot in the workshop and when I return home I'd like to make an attempt at creating an art journal... as silly as it sounds I'm scared and slightly intimidated about the idea of making one.

Here are some pictures of the "shell" of the book for Myrtle Beach. Sorry for the dark pictures I didn't have very good lighting, obviously. I still need a front and back cover. I'm hoping to be inspired by something while we're away!

When I get back and have it all finished I'll be sure to post the completed book.

I can't promise I'll be posting anything while I'm away but I'd like to!! I know I'm going to be spending the 7 hour ride trying to figure out how to use all of the functions on my new camera!

Enjoy, Amanda

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  1. hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You seem to be quite crafty yourself! Let me know if you have any projects you'd like featured! :)