I had a fantastic time at dinner last night. Like I said yesterday we went to Mezze to celebrate Juls moving to Spain. We had delicious drinks and food! Not to mention great conversations. I'm so happy for Juls but I'm definitely going to miss her while she's gone!!

We started off with a craft of white sangria. DELICIOUS!!! I've never had white sangria before but after trying it I definitely prefer it over red.

We started off with fattoush, calamari, and hummus. All were really tasty. We also ordered goat cheese stuffed peppers, shark fritters, and roasted salmon.

And we finished dinner with a bottle (or 2) of wine! It was great seeing the expression on Juls' face when she opened her going away presents!! I'm so glad she liked everything we made/bought her.

I highly recommend Mezze to anyone who is in the Fells Point area of Baltimore.

[I had to include a pic of us since we're all dressed up pretty! Juls, Grace, Me]
Enjoy, Amanda


  1. what a fantastic evening!!! I'm not quite sure about the menu items, especially the ones you mentioned without the review on them (shark fritters, etc). You gals look great!
    How come your blog is title-less?

  2. Thanks! You definitely have to be willing to try new things when you eat there but it really is all so good!

    I couldn't really think of a title and I thought the food for thought logo was a good enough substitute.