BIG things have been happening!

A girl can dream, right?

Please excuse my extended absence. Big things have been happening in our world. It looks like we're buying a HOUSE!!! This has been the quickest decision I think Jeremy and I have EVER made, not to mention the BIGGEST decision we've ever made. With that being said the past two weeks have been consumed with signing many many many papers, writing checks, having inspections, and catalogue browsing [my favorite part]!!!

I hope to continue blogging. I have tons of projects in my mind for the new house [one that has already turned out as a big fat failure] that I want to share with you. But please excuse my lack of crafty blogs... it looks like my craft supplies will be packed up soon. Maybe I can go back through my archives and come up with some projects I haven't share yet.

So back to the exciting news!! If everything works out as planned. Jeremy and I will settle on the 30th of November and be happy homeowners!! Our new home is a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, finished basement [well half of it is], end of the group town house!! I'm so excited to decorate!!

I hope to share more with you soon!!




  1. nice. I almost thought it was that castle above for a moment!! LOL

  2. What a gorgeous house!! You are going to have so much fun restoring it. I'm a little jealous.

  3. Kendra-- HAHA! I wish that was my house!!! A girl can dream!! That's pretty much one of my many dream houses. My house is a brick townhouse!! Thanks for reading!

  4. Well, a brick townhouse is probably better considering the electric bill the other house would come with. :)