Overwhelmed?! Stressed?! Anxious?! I'm ready to move already!

I've decided I don't want my blog to be put on the back burner while this new and amazing part of our lives is happening. And more importantly the fact that this weekend I'll be packing up all of my craft and sewing supplies and they'll be sitting in boxes for who knows how long is making me a bit nervous!! I still need to be creative and the fact that I've been consumed with paperwork and thoughts of the house and not sewing/crafting is starting to drive me nuts!

This week I dove head first into the blogland of interior design and furniture refinishing. I have high hopes that our new home will one day be as nicely decorated as some that I've seen this week. Although, reading posts and looking at pictures has me more and more anxious to just get settlement over with so I can be moved in and making our new house home.

Thankfully, the next few weeks are packed full of plans [and my BIRTHDAY on November 21] so I won't have too much time to sit around and day dream. We found out earlier this week we will be settling on November 25th [keep your fingers crossed nothing gets pushed back]. Then it's Thanksgiving, Black Friday SHOPPING, our first annual "Friends Thanksgiving Dinner" [hosted by Vicki], Raven's vs Steeler's [thanks for my birthday present Vicki], and then it's packing and moving!!

I'm actually super excited for this weekend. Tonight should be nice and relaxing. Tomorrow morning I'm waking up bright and early to go shopping with my mom. Later in the afternoon Jeremy and I are going over to the new house to drop off our ceiling fan to be installed and check out the bathroom and dry wall.

I know I know... I didn't give you too many details in the last post so you're probably wondering why we have to check the bathroom and dry wall out. Well, the sellers are being super generous and did some upgrades to the bathroom and basement for us. [If you're reading this before I get home from work I apologize I am uploading pics when I get home. I unfortunately don't have my camera cord with me.]

The bathroom had a slight leaning issue... it seems the floor kind of leaned down towards the sink and toilet. It gave me vertigo instantly. Well the sellers tore up the flooring leveled it off and put in a new sink and faucet for us. I wish I had taken a picture while the works was going on to share. Well we got word it's all complete so I can't wait to go see it.

The basement was in the very beginning stages of being finished when the sellers decided they wanted to buy a new house. Lucky us, the sellers told us they'd finish the basement for us!! Tomorrow we get to go over and see the finished product!!!

I hope to have more pictures to share with you since this is pretty lacking!!


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