Christmas Flavored Kisses

Imagine my surprise when I was out shopping with my mom Monday night and came across these tasty looking treats....

Has anyone else seen these?? I unfortunately didn't purchase any but has anyone else??
Enjoy, Amanda


  1. Oh, those cherry cordial kisses...I came upon them after Christmas last year, and they were just to die for! I try not to eat any sugar...lost a lot of weight a few years ago and struggle every day to keep it off...so kisses are a definate no no...I saw the mint ones at Albertsons the other day...Maybe, after I get back from caring for my grandbabies while daughter brings baby #3 to the earth, I will indulge...just a little!!

  2. The cherry cordial kisses used to only come out around Valetine's day. I buy as many bags as I can (when available) and leave them in my fridge for when I need a sweet treat. They're awesome!

  3. Oh man I'm going to have to go pick up some of the Cherry Cordial ones then!! The idea of the Candy Cane ones kind of scare me!!