I'm officially boyfriend-less for the weekend. Jeremy is enjoying a weekend out in the wilderness and I couldn't be more jealous [Hope you and Mike have a great weekend]!!! But it's okay because I have created a jam-packed weekend for myself full of relaxing, crafting, shopping, and tons of times for myself, family, and friends!

Tonight, it'll be a little me time with the sofa, some craft projects, popcorn, Twilight, and Remy. I couldn't be more excited!! Tomorrow, [Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!!!] I'm doing some craft/yard sale shopping with Vicki and my mom and niece in the morning, spending the afternoon with Vicki at the Fells Point Festival, and for the evening I'll be attending a Jewelry Party at Jeremy's parent's house. Sunday, it's FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!!

It's been a slow day around the office so I've created a HUGE list of projects I want to complete in the near future [hopefully a few tonight!!] . I've been slacking with my posts so the completion of these projects will give me tons and I mean TONS to blog about!!

Hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend enjoying the fall weather!!

Enjoy, Amanda

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