Camping Checklist

I'm a bit of a self confessed control freak with OCD tendencies. I make lists for any and everything. It's a habit I don't ever see breaking. It gets even more obsessive when I'm planning trips!! Camping is no exception.

I've just made it easier on myself though! I've created a masterlist of everything I need for a camping trip. I've laminated the piece of paper so I'm able to write on it with dry/erase markers. I keep this list attached to the lid of my super-duper tupperware container!! This container holds EVERYTHING [well almost everything] needed for a camping trip!! It's great to have everything in one place, both convenient and easy to restock.

I'm sharing my list with you to download and printout. It's a big help keeping yourself organized!!

Click here to download Camping Checklist

Enjoy, Amanda


  1. very useful! I hope to use it within the next year! He said we can go camping but we can't go camping in a tent, it has to be a cabin. I said, "Well, it's a start"!

  2. Lol! There's nothing wrong with a cabin!! You'll stay dry if it rains!! That's what I'm worried about this weekend... forcast is high of 48 with a 40% chance of rain!!!!