What's been going on?

I know it's Wednesday and I'm blogging about my weekend... but it was a good weekend so I thought I'd share.

As I mentioned Jeremy was out of time so I figured I'd make the most of my time while boyfriendless.

Friday evening I spent the night surrounded by various craft projects [most of which are not yet completed]. It was nice to spread out in front of the TV with all of my supplies and get a lot of things started and a few finished. I also watched Twilight for the first time. I'll leave it at I enjoyed the book MUCH better than the movie. Here are some sneak peak photos of what I was working on [posts to come later].
Saturday I woke up bright and early to meet my mom and niece Kylie for some yard and craft sale-ing. It was definitely a beautiful morning for yardsales. The Mayfield and Lauraville communities were both having sales that we checked out.
There's nothing better then a great find at a yard sale. I managed to get the few things below all for under $10!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with everything yet but I guarantee there will be follow up posts when I figure it out!!

The Fells Point Festival was also this weekend so I for a few hours with Vicki. It was good time. We got to enjoy cornbread mozzarella "grilled cheese sandwiches" on the water!!

Saturday evening I attended a jewelry party hosted by Jeremy's mom. It was nice to see the women of his family [and for my mom to meet them!!]. I purchased a few pieces that I can't wait to get!!

Sunday was another beautiful day. My sister, Sara, and I went to an early lunch at Panera Bread, which was absolutely delicious. The Ravens had a 1pm game so Sara and I met up with Vicki, my mom, and a few of her friends! It was a lot of fun with all of us watching the game together!!
Overall, it was a great weekend spent with great friends and family. Leaves me looking forward to this weekend... Jeremy and I are planning a mini get-a-way to Sky Line Drive!!! Nature here we come!!

Enjoy, Amanda


  1. great blog! I love your finds!! Isn't Kylie Wendy's daughter? So that's your cousin. Unless Kylie is one of Jeremy's siblings daughter. Don't confuse me, LOL!

  2. Thanks! Ky is Wendy's daughter but it's a mouthfull to say my cousin's daughter. Niece is much easier and more of what I think of her as... I mean Wendy is pretty much a sister!!