Camping Roundup

I decided to do a search of the Internet to see what it had to offer as far as crafting and camping go! Below are some of my favorite photos and some great How-To links and some awesome Etsy finds!!

Although I tent camp I kind of love all of the following campers... maybe I can talk Jeremy into one of these cuties instead of a house??

[Courtesy of Flickr user jenniferrt66]

[Courtesy of Flickr user mtseay]

[Courtesy of somewhereelse.com/au]

[Courtesy of apartmenttherapy.com]

Here are some basic How-To's related to all that is camping!!

Decorative Camping Paper and Writing Set

Camping Bag... I can't wait to make this!


Canvas Camping Chair

Peanutbutter Jar Lantern... I think I might try this one too.. I have all of the supplies at home.

I found all of these on Etsy and love each and every one of them!!

Campfire S'More's Bracelet

Eco Friendly Flatware

Camp Out Paper Bag Album

The Silver Bullet Necklace

Outdoorsman Thermal T

Enjoy, Amanda


  1. you're so cute! LOL! I know this search had to have been fun (seriously)!

  2. Oh it was!! Just got me that much more excited to go away this weekend!