Cupcake Friday

Happy Friday to everyone!! Today is the last day for cupcakes!! I wanted to end the week with the cupcakes I made this past May for the "End of the School Year" party held for the Bigs and Littles that participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. To go off on a tangent I have to say that if anyone is interested in doing volunteer work I have to highly recommend this program. Not only do the kids get so much out of it but so do the adults. There's nothing like seeing the smile on your Little's face when they see you each week!! I can't wait for this school years program to begin!!! But back to the cupcakes... all of the littles were in 4-5th grade so I thought it would only be appropriate to incorporate both Sponge Bob and the beach!! There's nothing better than a cupcake that has "sand," "the ocean," a beach umbrella, and Sponge Bob or Patrick on top of it. These were a huge hit!!

I hope everyone enjoyed cupcake week!! I'm off to start my weekend right by going to The Flaming Lips concert. I can only hope that I can end up with some pics like this...

Enjoy, Amanda


  1. very cute! What was the sand?
    Is that bubble safe?

  2. The sand was made from vanilla waffers and oreo cookies... ya know have to add the "dirt" in.

    OMG!! That bubble was so cool. He came out in it last night! I can't wait to upload pictures!