I feel accomplished

I was so excited yesterday to come home and find that my boyfriend, Jeremy, had our rocking chairs in place with the new cushions on them. I must say I LOVE them. The stain is the perfect color to match the orange fabric. They're an awesome addition to our "porch." Originally the chairs looked like this...

The first thing I did to start the transformation was run to my mom's and borrow her hand held sander. Having the hand held made the job of sanding the chair down so much easier. The picture about is the chair after it had been sanded (I forgot to take a true before). I didn't spend too much time on the sanding. Then Jeremy and I went to the store to find some stain and fabric.

The staining part was the hardest step of this project. I recommend doing the bottom/underside first that way the drips are minimal (at least in my opinion). Definitely take your time during this part it is very hard to get rid of drip stains.

Next I did the cushion covers. I typically work with a pattern/ template/ tutorial but I was on a time crunch so I said screw it and just went with it. It turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected. I laid out my fabric and traced the cushion onto it. I decided I wanted to be able to remove the cover so I can wash it. So the best way I can think to explain it is I constructed the cover similar to a pillow sham.

...Press fast forward and we have a finished product...

I can't wait to sit outside and enjoy that last few weeks of summer with a good book in our new rockers.

I'm working on a few more projects that I can't wait to finish and share. I'd like to pick one day of the week and dedicate to recipes and cooking... I just need to decide what day that should be!

I hope everyone is enjoying their "hump day." The work week is halfway over!! Come on WEEKEND!! Speaking of weekend, we'll be celebrating Jeremy's mom's birthday with a surprise party. I'm planning on making cupcakes, taco dip, and buffalo chicken dip. I can't wait to share pictures and recipes.

Enjoy, Amanda

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  1. I love your rocking chairs!! You two did a fabulous job!! May you enjoy MANY years on them!
    I liked: "The first thing I did to start the transformation was run to my mom's and borrow her hand held sander." You make her sound all rough and tumble!!