Not the normal Friday

Well, today started out pretty hectic. I had to follow Jeremy to the car dealership so he could get his car serviced. Too bad we went to the wrong dealership and then took forever finding the right dealership. But it's okay we got to get breakfast together and I decided to just work from home today.

I've been able to get a lot accomplished. I cleaned the entire apartment. Hopefully we can keep it that way all weekend. I was able to finish everything I needed to for work. I finished up my cupcake stand (pictures and maybe a tutorial to come). I found recipes for taco dip and cupcakes and decided how I want to decorate them. I still have a lot to do like help Jeremy make his mom's birthday present and actually make the cupcakes!

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Hopefully I'll have the time to go to a "bracelet making party" with my mom. I'm not sure what exactly it entails but it seems like something I'd be interested in going to. Then we have to make food and get everything together for Jeremy's mom's surprise party on Sunday. It's going to be a pretty busy weekend.

Oh!! I forgot to mention... My package for Jeremy was delivered today. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed he likes it. I told him when I ordered it that I got him something but it was a surprise. So of course he wanted to guess what it was. First guess was a book and I said no. Well it's technically a book... so that's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I highly recommend this journal to anyone who is lacking a little inspiration. I have a feeling I'll be helping Jeremy complete it! I ordered his off of amazon.com. The author, Keri Smith, will definitely help get your creative juices flowing!!

I snagged another book off of Amazon but I'll keep you in suspense until next week to hear about that one!

Everyone have a fun weekend!! Can't wait to share the details of mine!!

Enjoy, Amanda

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