Cupcake Monday

[Beware this post includes a lot of pictures]

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know mine went by way too fast!! Friday and Saturday were spent getting our part of the surprise party ready, which meant a lot of running around, crafting, and cupcake making. It was definitely all worth it in the end!! Mrs. Sue's surprise party turned out great!!

Since so much of my weekend was consumed by cupcake making I thought it'd be fun to have a week dedicated to cupcakes because really who doesn't love cupcakes?! I want to share some of the cupcakes I've made, some that others have made, and some I can't wait to make.

The cupcakes for this weekend took me on a roller coaster ride... yeah I said it cupcakes took me on a roller coaster ride. It all started Thursday when I decided to spend some of my down time at work making a cupcake stand out of an old box in the mail room. Mind you I did all of this at work so I was limited on the supplies I had available to me. But hey I like to think this proves I'm an "outside the box" kind of thinker.

[I hope to have a tutorial of how I created the cupcake stand sometime in the near future.]

Friday the ride continued... I had my friend, Juls, over to enjoy a bottle of wine and to keep me company while I baked the cupcakes. We had a good time catching up and laughing. She was telling me a story about last time she baked cupcakes for the 4th of Jul and forgot to add the eggs so of course at the end of the story she asks if I remembered to add the eggs. While still laughing at her horror cupcake story I told her of course I did. So I put that batch in the oven and continue to mix the batter for the next batch only to go to add the eggs and realize there were no eggs missing out of the carton!! I have learned my lesson that it's not a good idea to drink wine while trying to make cupcakes!! But we did get A LOT of laughs out of it!!

Saturday I had to run out to the store again so I could remake them this time making sure that I added the eggs. I spent the majority of the night... who am I kidding I spent the entire night decorating the cupcakes to match the wrapping paper I chose to cover the cupcake stand in... BRIGHT PINK & ORANGE. The cupcakes looked awesome by the time they were done being decorated.

I could barely wait to add the cupcake toppers I made!!

My alarm went off bright and early for me Sunday morning at 9am. Jeremy and I ended up only being 15 minutes behind schedule by the time we got on the road... for us that is NOT bad at all!! We had to make a pit stop at Wegmen's to pick up the food for the party which was about 20 minutes away... This is where things really went downhill for me.... ALL of the icing had melted on my 45+ cupcakes!!! You could barely make out a single 50!! I literally was almost in tears bc I had spent so much time on everything. I tried to salvage what was left by stacking the containers on my lap in front of the AC for the rest of the ride... NO LUCK!!!

I had to make do with what I had and just imagine what the finished product could have looked like!!

Notice how horrible the bottom tier is. This reminds me of something that would show up on Cake Wrecks. Hopefully it doesn't... although it'd probably give me a good laugh. I don't know if the horribly, re-iced cake on the top or the melted icing cupcakes on the bottom are worse?

Maybe you can get an idea of what they could have looked like by this... these were the least melted of the bunch.

In the end, I did get a lot of compliments on them even if I thought they weren't appealing. It's a lesson learned... don't drink while baking and don't transport cupcakes in 90+ degree weather!!

I can't wait to share more with you throughout the week... which I promise won't be disasters!!

Enjoy, Amanda


  1. Amanda, you really did a fantastic job with the cupcake stand. They look delicious, I like how one melted into looking like it said "30"!

  2. Thanks so much. Unfortunately, the only thing I was happy with by the time we got there was the cupcake stand!! I'm just a perfectionist!