Manic Monday

Well this is a late post... It's been a very busy day. I swear the weekends just aren't long enough. My weekend was pretty uneventful besides The Flaming Lips concert which I can't wait to post pictures of!! AMAZING SHOW!!! One of my friends described it best as a big kid's birthday party. Tons of confetti and balloons!!

This upcoming week is very busy for me. Lots of crafty things in the works. Today I started Elise Blaha's art journal class. I couldn't be more excited to get started on her projects. I came across her blog a few months ago and find myself a bit jealous every time she posts a new project she's completed.

Tonight I've kept myself busy putting some "goodbye" presents together for my friend, Juls, who is moving to Spain for 9ish months. I'm kind of on a time crunch to make sure I get it all done by Wednesday night for her "goodbye" dinner. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have at least one tutorial to share.

Like I said it's a busy week. I start my bowling league Thursday night... Goodbye the next 36 Thursdays. It's a very long season but it's definitely a good time. Friday will be spent on a coworkers boat for our "department outing." I'm hoping the weather stays cool for the weekend so Jeremy and I can put our bikes to use!

Hope to have something a little more interesting to post about tomorrow! 12 days until vacation... that's an idea for tomorrow!

Enjoy, Amanda

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