Cupcake Tuesday

I'm a bit sleepy today. I finally decided to jump on the Twilight bandwagon last night. Needless to say I stayed up way too late reading (and now I can't wait to get off work to continue reading... well take a nap then continue reading... I'm a total bookworm).

Yesterday evening we also had a visit from my mom and my niece. My niece is actually my inspiration for today's blog. I wanted to stay in the theme of cupcakes so I thought I'd share the cupcakes I made for her 5th birthday party. To preface she is a complete rock star!! I think the following picture demonstrates that pretty good.

Yes, she thinks she's playing Rock Band!! She was over visiting with Jeremy and I. I was making something on my sewing machine and begged me to make her a rock star dress. Yeah I know it looks like a sack but I had limited time and resources. All that matters is she LOVED it. The next day she wouldn't take it off and wanted to wear it to day care!! Of course she had to wear it last night while she was over; although, this time we had to make some modifications because she wanted to race Jeremy outside bc she said "he's the fastest person I know." She's too cute. Well we chopped it up to make it a knee length dress. And used the scraps as a headband. I promised I'd make her a new one for the next time she came over.

Anywho... for her 5th birthday this past June I offered to make cupcakes for her birthday party. We decided on ice cream cone cupcakes with BRIGHT PINK icing!! The picture isn't great (I used my phone to take it). These were so easy to make and all of the kids loved them, especially bc they have TONS of icing on them!!
Enjoy, Amanda

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  1. I used to love them as a kid!! They look pretty yummy!!! Her rock star dress looked more like a mermaid dress! That's cool that she hangs out with your mom!!